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Chapter 9: 9


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Chapter Text 章节正文

Eight years later.   八年后。


"…and it is also a very important event in my life. We've come a long way and now I can really do what I came here to do - help people. This ceremony is sort of a symbol of the end of our journey, but at the same time it marks a beginning. I don't know what the new phase holds, but I do know that I'll be glad whatever the future holds. A special thank you to my husband without whom I could never have imagined that I would one day be standing on this stage. You have always been my inspiration and I'm happy to know that all my achievements are thanks to you and your support. Thank you."  


The crowd applauds after his speech, but Kaiser can barely hear them. All the while he was looking at Isagi, who was standing next to the rest of the guests. Kaiser was a little nervous, though he had never had stage fright. It was just that this day was very important to him. But despite the excitement, he felt incredibly happy. It had indeed been a long and difficult road, but they had made it through. They had made it together.  


In the distance, Kaiser hears the professor who led the ceremony begin to speak.  


"Congratulations to one of our top students, Michael Kaiser, on successfully completing his degree in Oncology. My personal congratulations, Michael."  
"祝贺我们最优秀的学生之一,Michael Kaiser,成功完成了肿瘤学学位。我个人的祝贺,Michael。"


The professor shook his hand with a smile and handed him his diploma. He knew Kaiser's history and why he went to medical school, so he was happy for him. The man had been through a lot and had made good progress.  


To a new explosion of applause, Kaiser comes down from the stage and walks straight to Isagi, who wastes no time throwing himself into his arms.  
在一片新的掌声雷动中,Kaiser 走下舞台,径直走向 Isagi,后者毫不犹豫地扑进他的怀抱。


"Micha! That was an amazing speech, you did great. Love you."  


"Love you too, Yoichi."  


Kaiser buries one hand in his hair pulling him tighter against him. He casts a glance at Isagi's head and one do made him sink for a moment into the events of the past. A couple of days after the operation they were both sitting together in the hospital bed of the ward. Kaiser was going through Isagi's hair just as he was now, when he noticed a very out of place white strand. It wasn't much, but it was still noticeable in contrast to the boy's dark hair.   
Kaiser 一手埋入他的发间,将他更紧地拥向自己。他瞥了一眼 Isagi 的头顶,那一刻思绪不由得沉入了过往的回忆。手术后几天,他们曾一同坐在病房里的病床上。Kaiser 正像现在这样梳理着 Isagi 的头发,突然注意到一根格格不入的白发。虽然不多,但在男孩深色的发丝中依然显眼。


They stand so briefly because they are quickly interrupted at the same time pulling Kaiser out of the memory.  
他们这短暂的静默很快被同时打断,将 Kaiser 从回忆中拉回。


"That's it, that's it, Yoichi, don't be greedy. We want to congratulate Michael too."  
“好了,好了,Yoichi,别太贪心。我们也想祝贺 Michael 呢。”


Everyone laughs at Anna's words, but after this Isagi actually stops hugging his - now husband - and stands beside him. Anna quickly hugs him and whispers congratulations mixed with words of gratitude.  


Once upon a time, several years ago, she recalls Kaiser's words about wanting to go to medical school. This was unexpected, after all everyone thought he would take over his parents' business in the future, but Kaiser was as stubborn and persistent as ever. Although no one tried to talk him out of it - except Isagi, but from Isagi it was to be expected.  


"You did it, brother!" Alice, now grown up, also throws herself into her brother's arms and he spins her around with a laugh.   


"Thank you, princess." Kaiser kisses the top of her head and continues to hold her in his arms, but now turns to his parents. He continues to smile, but now there is a seriousness in his tone. "Mom, Dad. Thank you for always supporting me and allowing me to make this choice. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. I love you."  
“谢谢你,公主。”Kaiser 吻了吻她的头顶,继续拥抱着她,随后转向他的父母。他依旧微笑着,但语气中多了几分严肃。“妈妈,爸爸。感谢你们一直支持我,让我能做出这个选择。我真的很感激你们为我所做的一切。我爱你们。”


Victoria brushes away the tears that were about to spill and joins her husband in the hug.  


"We love you too, Michael, all of us. And we are glad that you have found what you want to do, albeit in such a difficult way. May your future be happy."  


"She's right, we're always on your side, son." Michael's father pulls away slightly and puts his hand on his shoulder. "And we're very proud of you. Whatever happens to you, you both have us."  


Kaiser nods at this and looks at Isagi again.  


"I have no doubt that our future will be a happy one. Thank you."  


Anna looks at their family and remarks to herself that loving someone as much as they did in the beginning is apparently their family trait. What lovely people.  


"So, can we go celebrate?" Kaiser says, already anticipating a little party. "Studying to be a doctor is bloody hard, you know. Now we can devote an evening to relaxing."  


Everyone laughs at him. No matter how many years pass his behaviour doesn't change.  


Surrounded by the noise from the other guests at the graduation ceremony, they walk to the side exit to return to Isagi and Kaiser's house and let themselves enjoy the evening.  


"Micha?"   "Micha?"


"Yes?"   "嗯?"


Isagi holds Kaiser's hand - they're a little behind the others. He looks at him point-blank, as if trying to believe it really happened. After so many years of struggles and obstacles, this is another important, but not the final stop on their journey together. The hardest part has long since passed, so now they both, Isagi and Kaiser, are moving on. A happy life awaits them.  


"Thank you."   “谢谢你。”


For always being there for me.  


For keeping your promise so that we could share all the emotions together.  


For saving me.   为了拯救我。


For that chance.   为了那次机会。


"I love you."   "我爱你。"


"I love you too, Yoichi, and I also really love baked chicken, so let's hurry up." Isagi laughs at him. Honestly, the man is always like that. "And by the way."  
"我也爱你,Yoichi,而且我真的很喜欢烤鸡,所以我们快点吧。" Isagi 笑着对他说。老实说,这家伙总是这样。"对了。"


"М?"   "嗯?"


"Where are we going on holiday?"  


Isagi thinks for a second. Travelling with Kaiser had become a pleasant tradition together.  
Isagi 想了一会儿。和 Kaiser 一起旅行已成为一种愉快的共同传统。


"How about Japan?"   "去日本怎么样?"


the end !! everyone is alive and happy

and yes, you can get a medical degree in germany in 6.3 years, but I wrote 8 because there is a year to recover + waiting for the school year to start (idk if you noticed but i'm extremely meticulous about accuracy and plot holes)
没错,在德国你可以在 6.3 年内获得医学学位,但我写的是 8 年,因为有一年用来恢复,再加上等待新学年开始(不知道你有没有注意到,我对准确性和情节漏洞非常讲究)

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